UP Farmers after heavy rains damage crops


Excessive rain has caused waterlogging in many areas.

New Delhi:

Erratic weather patterns which resulted in lack of rain during the monsoon season but heavy rains thereafter damaged crops in many villages in Uttar Pradesh.

Out of the 75 districts in UP, 67 recorded excessive rainfall last week according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Excess rain has caused many towns and villages to become waterlogged, but farmers have been hit hardest after rainwater seeped into fields and destroyed crops and vegetables.

“We prepare all the crops by taking loans from banks, but there are dozens of these villages that have been destroyed due to the rain,” said Ramcharan, a farmer.

Heavy rains flooded fields and destroyed standing rice, maize, potato crops, millet such as bajra and pulses such as urad.

“We sow the early potato varieties at the end of September. But this year, about seven hectares of our potato farm were affected by heavy rains. The fields are full of water which causes rotting of the sown potato tubers,” said Surendra Pathak. , a potato farmer in Etawah, quoted by the PTI news agency.

Etawah recorded 81mm of average rainfall in the first week of October, 876% more than the long run average (LPE) of 8.3mm. Meanwhile, Gonda district recorded 248.6mm of rainfall over the same period, 883% more than the long-term average of 25.3mm.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered officials to provide immediate assistance to farmers who have been affected by the rains. The state government is conducting damage assessment surveys throughout UP.

According to the IMD, UP has recorded 30% less rainfall this monsoon season. As a result, 53 of the state’s 75 districts recorded insufficient rainfall, affecting crops in Kharif.

“It has been a very miserable year for me so far. Much worse than the coronavirus. I have only been able to cultivate half of the paddy than in previous years due to less rainfall. This too is in danger at recent heavy rains,” said Preetampal Singh, a farmer from Shahjanpur district.


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