The loss of agricultural land for the recovery of nature is a “great concern”


The Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) said the continued loss of farmland to nature recovery aid projects is a “great concern” for food producers across the country.

The union’s concern comes as Radnorshire Wildlife Trust prepares to purchase a 66ha livestock farm in central Wales, which the charity says will be “transformed into various natural habitats managed by extensively for wildlife “.

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Pentwyn Farm, near Llanbister Road in Powys, will soon be added to the Trust’s portfolio of nature reserves, including Cnwch Bank and Tylcau Hill to the north, and Fronwen Wood to the south-east.

Trust chairwoman Jenny Chryss said the purchase, which is in its final stages and is expected to be finalized in October, was made possible by generous funding terms.

Ms Chryss added: “This is an extremely exciting opportunity to do something really special to help nature recovery in this part of central Wales.

“It is one of the most beautiful parts of Britain, but the wildlife is in trouble as many natural habitats have been lost and climate change is taking its toll. We are extremely grateful for the very generous funding made available to us which enabled us to make this purchase. “

The Trust insists that the purchase is not based on rewilding. Livestock will be introduced to manage the grasslands and a community farm project could be set up on part of the land, he said.

‘Fixed price’

But FUW chairman Glyn Roberts has warned farmers in Wales are being charged by such purchases.

“We are seeing more and more farms and plots being bought by companies and individuals from outside Wales to plant trees to offset their carbon emissions, from charities wishing to plant trees or land” wildlife ”, and even Natural Resources Wales which already manages more forestry and land in Wales than any other organization.

“This is of huge concern to our farming and food-producing communities as local buyers are invariably outbid,” said Mr. Roberts.


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