The Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites applications for Masters in Environmental Economics


The master’s program focuses on economic issues in the areas of environmental and natural resources, marketing, and finance. These include public economics and government intervention to control environmental effects; planning for the efficient extraction and use of natural resources; distribution of water and land resources; regulation of the marketing of agricultural products in local and export markets; industrial organization; family economy; mechanism design; game theory; political economy, etc. Students participate in research as part of their master’s thesis.

Program delivery:

Taught entirely in English, the master’s program offers three study streams: a thesis stream, a thesis stream in the field of marketing and a non-thesis stream. The thesis courses require a perimeter of 32 credits, including 2 seminars in economics and environmental management. The course without thesis requires a perimeter of 44 credits, including 4 theoretical seminars.

The master studies extend over two years. It is not necessary to find a supervisor in advance. However, within 10 months of the start of studies, the student must find a supervisor and submit a research plan, otherwise he can continue the program in the non-thesis route.

Admission process:

Students applying for the M.Sc. in Environmental Economics and Management program should submit their application on the university website.

Admission cycle:

The admission cycle for the M.Sc. Environmental Economics and Management program is open to all international students with an application deadline of 01 October 2022

Conditions of admission:

The program requires students to hold an undergraduate degree from a recognized university in economics (including environmental economics) or a degree in accounting or business administration.

Students must have a GPA of 80 or higher (B- on the letter scale) as well as at least 6.0 on the IELTS English Proficiency Test. Although relevant experience is recommended, it is not mandatory.


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