The government will soon renounce agricultural loans up to Rs 1 lakh: Oraon


Finance Minister Dr Rameshwar Oraon said on Saturday that the state government would forgo loans to farmers until Rs un Lakh and discussions are ongoing in this direction. As part of the chief minister’s agricultural loan forgiveness program, the government forgoes loans of up to Rs 50,000.

Oraon said that as the guest of honor, the program was held at Tisia Maidan in Pakhar Panchayat of Lohardaga district of Kisko block.

The minister said that the state government will purchase paddy from December 15, 2021. Of the total, 50% of the purchase value of the paddy will be paid immediately. The balance will be paid within three months. Initially, paddy from small farmers, with a yield of up to 200 quintals, will be acquired. The government has taken a loan of Rs 1,600 crore from the Bank of India and the State Bank of India for the timely payment of the amount of paddy to farmers, he added.

“The government has made the decision to issue caste certificates to the children of those people who don’t have their own land, they don’t have khatian. He said more than 15 lakhs of people were linked to the green ration card program in the state. He said the Sona-sobran, dhoti-lungi-sari program is there for those who have a ration card. Thanks to this, a family receives a lungi-dhoti and a sari for only Rs10. Sarvajan Pension Yojana was created for the elderly, widowed, disabled in the state, ”Oraon said.

The minister also said that the government would pay them 1,000 rupees as a monthly pension. Lunch, clothing and a purse are provided to school children. The government plans to provide cycles for children in all sections of the school, regardless of class, caste and religion. This year, before the severe frost, the elderly are given blankets, ”Oraon said. He called on the people to take advantage of all the schemes. He also said that the government has made a big change in the working system and is sending the government and the whole system to the homes of the people, quickly solving the problems of the people. He called on the tribes not to sell their land because once you sell the land it is difficult to buy it.

The Deputy Commissioner also addressed the occasion and goods were distributed on that occasion.


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