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VIJAYAWADA: TDP Politburo member Yanamala Ramakrishnudu challenged Jagan’s government to publish a green paper on “The worsening financial crisis, massive lending and rising poverty levels” in Andhra Pradesh. He demanded that the chief minister face a broad public debate on all the factors leading to the state’s economic bankruptcy.

“The state is increasingly threatened by excessive lending, cuts in social assistance, increasing poverty, declining investments, underdevelopment, rising unemployment and the global decline in all sectors, ”he observed.

In a statement released on Saturday, the TDP chief said economic inequality had fallen from 38% to 43% under the rule of the YSR Congress. “Even per capita income has fallen by 1.4%. The economies of the poorest strata have shrunk abnormally. On the other hand, freebies are being suppressed against a background of rising taxes and” forced collections. OTS, “” Yanamala said.

Yanamala expressed concern that off-budget borrowing had exceeded market lending from the government of Andhra Pradesh. “Capital spending on productive assets has fallen alarmingly. Unlike everywhere else, the revenue deficit exceeded the budget deficit. Revenue from revenue fell as government guarantees fell from 90% to 180%, ”he said. .


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