Punjab records highest agricultural records 3,916, government claims 30% drop from 2021


On the day the Punjab government claimed on Friday that stubble burning cases had dropped by around 30% from the previous year, the latest data from the Indian Institute of Agricultural Research (IARI) showed that the The border state had recorded an increase in cases of paddy residue burning. Friday.

The number of fires, which IARI obtains from NASA satellites, in Punjab on Friday was 3,916 – up from 1,893 the previous day (Thursday) – which is the highest number of fires recorded so far This year.

On the other hand, Haryana recorded 152 hot events on Friday compared to 35 the day before.

With that, the number of fires in Punjab so far this season is 40,677, lower than the 55,718 recorded till November 11 last year.

Punjab Chief Secretary Vijay Kumar Janjua, chairing a high-level meeting with heads of agriculture, science and technology, PEDA and deputy commissioners on Friday, said the government of Punjab The state had taken various measures and initiatives to curb stubble burning, and these efforts paid off as cases of stubble burning decreased by about 30% from last year.

At the same time, Janjua ordered to encourage and motivate farmers as much as possible not to burn stubble. He also asked the Deputy Commissioners to honor farmers who have contributed to this worthy cause by curbing stubble burning.

During the meeting, the Deputy Commissioners presented their view that every fire incident indicated by the satellite system is not correct, when the fact is that straw baling was done at large scale in the state and on the farm where small fire incidents that occurred near the vats after baling were reported as full fire cases by the satellite system.

The chief secretary also instructed the Department of Agriculture to ensure that money for subsidized machinery is sent to recipients’ accounts by November 30.

Along with this, he instructed the Department of Agriculture to prepare a comprehensive data plan on the types of machinery needed at the block level for stubble management. Along with this, he said Panchayats and Cooperative Societies should be provided with maximum machinery for stubble management.

Regarding the Deputy Commissioners’ suggestions that high-powered tractors are needed to operate the straw harvesting machines, on which the banks do not provide loans, the Chief Secretary asked the relevant department to join with banks to obtain loans for high-powered tractors. .

At the meeting it was also discussed that the industry assists the state government and farmers with straw management so the issue should be raised with the center to provide balers on the subsidy to the industries.

Issuing strict instructions, the chief secretary said action should be taken against companies that failed to repair damaged machinery for farmers when handling stubble. The guidelines have also been issued to Deputy Commissioners to take immediate action to manage straw collected for use in brick kilns, as the use of straw in brick kilns will start from May 1. 2023.


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