Priyanka Vadra promises 20 lakhs of jobs, renounces loans to farmers if elected to power


Campaigning for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has made several promises, including waiving all farmers’ loans and creating jobs for 20 lakhs of young people. She added that Rs 25,000 will be returned to all families who have suffered because of the new coronavirus if the big old party comes to power.

Addressing a rally in Amethi, Priyanka Vadra said, “In the event of illness, the government will provide 10,000 rupees for health care. To politically empower women, 40% of tickets will be given to women. She added that female students will be given smartphones and scooters for their safety.

In the presence of her brother and former party leader Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka criticized the BJP government and claimed that it had “spread a web of lies” since coming to power in the Center and State.

Amethi had been a congressional stronghold and Rahul Gandhi had represented Lok Sabha constituency for 15 years before being defeated by Smriti Irani of the BJP in 2019. The Congress leader won Wayanad’s victory in Kerala for where he had fought simultaneously.

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra hold a “padayatra” in Amethi

Holding a padayatra in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi attacked the central government on issues such as inflation, demonetization, GST, capitalism and agricultural laws. The Wayanad MP also reiterated his distinction between “Hindu” and “Hindutvawadi”.

Denigrating Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi said: “The Center said it had no data on farmers’ deaths. I showed them a list of 400 Punjabi farmers who died during protests, demanding compensation. Who has benefited from demonetization, the GST and agricultural laws? Only 2 -3 industrialists. “

The Congress leader added that a Hindu is one who does not fear the truth and does not let hatred take over. “Hindutvawadi is the one who uses hatred to create fear. Hindus will never lose,” he said.

He said inflation and unemployment are the biggest questions that neither the PM nor the CM will answer. He said that the middle class and the poor are severely affected by the decisions made by the Prime Minister. “Every way in Amethi is always the same. Only that there is anger against the government in the eyes of the people,” Gandhi said.

Image: Twitter / @ INC India


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