NFT Investor Reminds Skeptics Everything Else In The World Is Equally Dumb and Meaningless


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AUSTIN, TX — Defending the technology against popular criticism, NFT investor Matt McNally reportedly reminded skeptics on Tuesday that everything else in the world is equally dumb and meaningless. “Of course you can say that spending money to buy a certificate that says you have an easily copied image is
ridiculous and insignificant, but this is where I remind you that you can say about 99% of everything else, ”McNally said, adding that the backlash directed against the total waste of non-fungible tokens could just as easily be directed against stock exchange, real estate market, fiat currency, performance art, political parties, orchestras, online forums, picnics, cardboard, analytical philosophy, lampposts, rocks, Saskatchewan, extensions, Rabelais artwork, geometry, peanut wrapping, amenities exchange, ACLU, environmental conservation, angel investing, DraftKings, electric co-ops, deodorant, legal theory, Christianity, hamsters, the nuclear family, WWI, repackaged loans, icicles, Europe, Thursdays, architecture, performance of the photovoltaic system, Tesla, green space, University of Southern California, poker, hospitals, The Lord of the Rings, gold, Egyptian pyramids, Wendy’s, central nervous system, veterinary pathology, gum, B2B marketing, ivory, glossolalia, weddings, progressive rock, godfathers, librarianship, poetry and the sum total recorded human history. “NFTs might be weird speculative bullshit, but what’s not? Don’t we all just find ways to turn everything that exists into something we can make money with? I might be throwing thousands of dollars on NFTs, but you’re throwing thousands of dollars on TSA PreCheck or lottery tickets or donating to political candidates or raising kids. Critics will say that NFTs are unnecessary and can be used for fraud and other crimes. At the time of going to press, McNally has defended the loss of over $ 50,000 on devalued NFTs noting that everyone loses everything in the end.


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