Mogo Launches Canada’s First Climate Positive Bitcoin Rewards Program For Businesses


Vancouver, British Columbia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Mogo inc. (NASDAQ: MOGO) (TSX: MOGO) (“Mogo” or the “Company”), a digital payments and financial technology company, today announced a premier corporate rewards program, powered by Mogo, which enables merchants to offer a positive (“green”) bitcoin climate to their customers. The company’s first partner is El Mocambo, Toronto’s iconic rock ‘n’ roll venue.

The adoption of crypto continues to spread and bitcoin continues to be the dominant crypto currency. Businesses of all sizes are always looking for exciting and relevant ways to promote their products – and now green bitcoin rewards can be one of them. Given the importance of solving climate change, one of the criticisms of bitcoin has been its high carbon footprint, and Mogo offers the world’s only climate-positive bitcoin. Mogo is now able to partner with companies across Canada who want to integrate bitcoin into their promotions and, above all, do so in a sustainable manner.

“We believe that green bitcoin is a much more attractive reward for the next generation of Canadians, and we are happy to facilitate easy access to it in a fun and engaging way to support the goals of business customers,” said said Phil Barrar de Mogo. “This type of rewards program can work as part of a company’s existing rewards program and potentially help generate long-term financial benefits for its customers. Our goal with this new program is to help businesses take advantage of bitcoin as a relevant and exciting promotion or ongoing rewards program, where their customers can earn bitcoin in a sustainable way, with a positive environmental impact, whenever they want. ‘they shop or shop.

As part of the initial promotion, El Mocambo will offer green bitcoin rewards to anyone who purchases tickets for particular events on the site, as well as a chance to win a bigger prize. To redeem the reward, the recipient must have or open an account with Mogo to claim it. Through its free mobile app, Mogo offers its more than 1.7 million members simple digital solutions to improve their finances, including the ability to easily buy and sell bitcoin, get free monthly monitoring of their credit score and identity fraud protection; and access personal loans.

“As we come back to live music – something we all craved – we were looking for new ways to reward our loyal and patient supporters with exclusive offers that are different, relevant and, quite simply, more useful,” said Alicia Hibberd . , general manager of El Mocambo. “Mogo’s green bitcoin has real potential value for our customers and at the same time they can do what’s good for the environment – a combination that we believe will resonate with supporters of the many large groups that come to our room. . “

In keeping with its commitment to creating a healthier planet while allowing Canadians to invest and spend wisely, Mogo recently announced that all bitcoin purchased on the Mogo platform will be climate positive. For every bitcoin purchased through its platform, Mogo will plant enough trees to fully offset the CO2 emissions produced by mining that bitcoin – and then some. Mogo is a leader in sustainable finance with the only card in Canada that turns spending into climate action by planting a tree every time you use it. In addition to offsetting all bitcoin purchased on its platform, the company offsets its own corporate investment footprint in bitcoin.

The global cryptocurrency market recently hit an all-time high of over US $ 2.7 trillion, and bitcoin alone accounted for around 50% of that value.

About Mogo

Mogo offers its more than 1.7 million members simple digital solutions to improve their finances. Through the free Mogo app, consumers can access a digital spending account with the Mogo Visa * Platinum prepaid card, the only card of its kind in Canada. The MogoCard makes it easy to control spending while doing good for the planet by planting a tree for each purchase. The Mogo app also allows you to easily buy and sell bitcoin, get free monthly credit score monitoring and identity fraud protection, and access personal loans. Mogo’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Carta Worldwide, also offers a digital payments platform that powers next-generation card programs of innovative fintech companies in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, while Mogo’s wholly owned subsidiary, Moka, offers automated and fully managed apartments. -investment costs to Canadians from coast to coast. To learn more, visit or download the mobile app (ios Where Android).


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