Mikhail Mishustin at the Golden Autumn 2022 Russian agro-industrial fair


RUSSIA, Oct. 5 – The Prime Minister addressed the strategic session on food security in Russia and the world and presented state awards to agricultural workers for their great contribution to the development of agriculture.

Strategy session, Food security in Russia and in the world

Hello, colleagues, friends.

I am happy to welcome you at 24e Russian agro-industrial exhibition “Golden Autumn”.

Let me start by wishing everyone in this audience a good professional day ahead. This Sunday will mark the day of workers in agriculture and the processing industry. I would like to thank the employees of these industries for all that they do to ensure the food security of our country.

This includes record harvests and a wide selection of high-quality produce for every consumer, as well as new jobs in rural areas. Of course, this also includes the introduction of modern farming methods that increase the independence of domestic producers from foreign suppliers, thus ensuring the sustainability of the industry and improving its competitiveness.

The demand for agricultural and food products from Russia is increasing every year. Sanctions imposed by hostile countries or other challenges are not a problem for the agricultural sector today. The exhibition “Golden Autumn” shows the concrete achievements of the regions in many sectors.

I spoke with a number of governors today, and almost all of their regions are having record crops this year.

The successes of our regions include everything from expanded product lines to new high-tech industries, and from the training of skilled agricultural personnel to the creation of modern rural infrastructure. The credit for these successes goes to the workers in agriculture and the food industry.

The President has set ambitious goals to reliably ensure the country’s food security now and in the future. To do this, we must increase production not only to cover domestic needs, but also for exports.

The Government is working on this, guided by presidential instructions. We are well aware of the importance of ensuring the stable development of national agriculture, improving efficiency, strengthening technological infrastructure and supporting rural small and medium enterprises.

Our agriculture has shown really solid results. Russia has been a net food exporter for three years now. That is, we sell more than we buy.

Export volumes increased by more than 16% compared to the same period last year, even in the difficult circumstances of the last eight months. We remain among the top five countries in terms of grain exports, the largest international exporter of wheat, and we rank fourth in meat production and fifth among vegetable oil exporters.

I will briefly review the preliminary performance results for this year.

We will meet the Food Safety Doctrine targets for grains, vegetable oil and sugar, meat and meat products, fish and fish products. It is already clear that we will have a record grain harvest; it will exceed the level of five years ago, ie more than 135 million tons of cereals. This year, more than 140 million tons were beaten.

Significant progress has been made with other crops, including oilseeds. Fruit production is also on the rise even though fruit is expensive and difficult to grow in our climate, and cannot be grown in all parts of the country. But we expect a record harvest of over 1.5 million tons of fruit and berries.

Current state support measures have clearly been effective as yields per hectare have increased. This means that farmers received enough mineral fertilizers, seed stocks, equipment, fuel and lubricants for spring planting, on time and in full. We discussed it at length during our visit to the exhibition.

We also follow the needs of agricultural producers during fall field work, including harvesting, planting winter crops, and setting up orchards and vineyards. Later, we plan to discuss the results of this season with the government, as well as further steps to develop the agro-industrial complex. These issues are always on our agenda.

Colleagues, these achievements in the agricultural sector are the result of joint and systematic efforts with the participation of government, regions and industry leaders. The state program for the development of agriculture is one of the most important tools in this area. This year, more than 280 billion rubles have been reserved in the federal budget for its implementation. Given the ongoing difficult developments, state support for this industry has increased by 35%. We were able to provide it with these resources, and at the end of September we made available more than 380 billion rubles to advance the state program.

In the meantime, the government is ready to act quickly to meet the demands of the agricultural industry, being aware of the difficulties that agricultural businesses are facing due to the actions of hostile countries, including barriers to foreign trade, chains of disrupted supply and rising prices in related sectors.

It was like that in the spring, when we moved quickly to take a number of decisions following the presidential instruction to set aside additional funds to cover short-term loans and low-cost investment in this industry. This allowed us to keep the rate below 5% for farmers.

We have accelerated the payment of subsidies and transfers from the federal budget to farmers by instituting an advance payment mechanism in the regions in certain sectors of activity.

Funds have also been made available to renew the agricultural equipment fleet.

We continue to support exporters who significantly expand delivery geography, including the Middle East and Africa. We have simplified the rules governing the mandatory volume of sales of agricultural products in foreign markets.

Small and medium rural enterprises are another important area of ​​interest. More than 5.5 billion rubles have been allocated this year to support farmers and promote rural cooperation, bringing an additional 13,500 people into agricultural consumer cooperative societies. More than 1,000 farms and family farming businesses have won the Agrostartup grant.

From this year, private farmers also have access to low-cost loans, provided they are registered as self-employed and pay professional income tax. We think this will encourage people to start their own business and be accountable to the state in a very simple way.

These strands of state support will continue in the future. The new draft federal budget has been submitted to the State Duma and provides more than 340 billion rubles for the implementation of the state program next year.

Ensuring constant and tangible improvements in the quality of rural life for millions of our fellow citizens is an important part of our work. Our president has repeated this many times. The people I meet when I travel to the regions say so too. We are working on this within the framework of the implementation of the program for the integrated development of rural areas for the third year now. It covers more than 9 million people, in fact, one in four rural dwellers.

Popular tools, such as 3% rural mortgages were developed and implemented during this period, which helped more than 103,000 households to improve their living conditions. More recently, we decided to make it permanent.

Infrastructure projects for the integrated development and improvement of rural areas are very popular.

As part of this program, we plan to open 124 roads to traffic before the end of the year.

In other programs, we are building rural schools and rural health posts, renovating cultural community centers, which people also tell us about in our meetings, opening sports fields, and creating a comfortable quality environment. for rural residents, also with a view to making these places attractive to young professionals. Not only young people, because there are adults who leave urban areas to settle in the countryside. I personally spoke with five or seven of these people, and they all said how good and comfortable they felt in the new circumstances.


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