Leveraged farming comes to NEAR with PembRock Finance


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The crypto sector in general has been in some turmoil lately, mirroring the pullback of tech stocks in the broader market. However, market volatility is nothing new, which is why the development of DeFi products on the blockchain continues regardless, bolstering a growing ecosystem.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the rise of layer 1 blockchains that focus on interoperability, rather than positioning themselves as just an alternative to Ethereum. Bridges and EVMs have allowed developers to take advantage of small, up-and-coming blockchains, without having to turn their backs on the bigger players.

In this environment, NEAR Protocol thrived. Skyrocketing in TVL over the past year, the blockchain hosts the Aurora EVM and a rapidly growing range of Dapps. Soon to launch, PembRock Finance wants to enable yield farmers to earn big on a blockchain that offers unparalleled security, low fees and fast transactions thanks to its black nightshade sharing mechanism.

Why rely on NEAR?

The team behind the NEAR Protocol blockchain shares PembRock’s ideal of contributing to a Web 3.0 accessible to everyone through a network of user-friendly applications.


  • Is fast, inexpensive and carbon neutral.
  • Has an easy to use wallet for new adopters.
  • Leverages a sophisticated Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, encouraging greater community participation.
  • Has a large dedicated community.
  • Hosts a growing network of accessible DeFi products.
  • Offers Ethereum compatibility through its Aurora EVM solution.

A big point of difference with other layer 1 blockchains is NEAR’s use of guilds – teams of community developers who help in the development of DeFi Dapps and provide versatile support within the NEAR ecosystem, benefiting users and encouraging greater investment. In this regard, PembRock Finance is supported by the INC4 and Minerall guilds.

PembRock – NEAR Protocol Leveraged Agriculture Project

Playing a role in bringing increased investment and liquidity to the NEAR protocol, PembRock Finance aims to give users the ability to receive under-collateralized loans so they can farm for better returns. Positions can be created and customized with just a few clicks, with automation and an easy-to-navigate interface eliminating the hassle that makes other DeFi products cost prohibitive for more users.

With PembRock Finance, there are three ways to earn:

1. Ready

By providing tokens that will be borrowed by yield producers, lenders could earn passive income from their crypto.

2. Leveraged yield farming

Yield farmers borrow tokens provided by lenders and grow them could have a chance to triple yields. Automatic reinvestment means the rewards are compounded!

3. $PEM Staking

$PEM is the versatile token that sits at the heart of PembRock Finance. 100% of protocol profits are used to buy back $PEM tokens and distribute them to stakers, with the added benefit of buying pressure helping to create a more durable token. $PEM is used for:

PembRock Partners

One of the main goals of PembRock Finance is to integrate with the major DeFi platforms in the NEAR universe, linking their liquidity and farming pools so that users can take advantage of a range of leveraged farming pools. lever in one place. This is an ambitious goal, but one that he believes can be achieved with the support and investment of various partners. Starting with a $75,000 grant from the NEAR Foundation, PembRock has since integrated and/or received support from:

Discussions and new integrations are happening all the time as the project nears launch.

Join a fundraiser and get $PEM!

With PembRock Finance going live soon, you can buy the $PEM token as a first investor at a fixed price – before it is listed on DEXs.

3 million $PEM tokens were successfully awarded to 155 participants who deposited NEAR. Seeing the huge appetite for the project, the launch of the PembRock Leveraged Agriculture Project was brought forward.

Meta Pool’s Meta Yield uses an innovative fundraising mechanism where investors invest NEAR to get project tokens. The fundraising campaign is underway and more than half of the tokens have been allocated, so don’t delay!

Invest in any market

Leveraged yield farming means you can open positions with profit potential even in bear markets; So no matter what this year has in store for you, you may have the chance to earn rewards while helping grow the NEAR ecosystem.
Yevhen Nezghovorov
Telegram: @NZ3000


This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.


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