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A recent letter to the Telegraph disputed an Associated Press report indicating that the USDA “picked winners and losers” by distributing more than $ 32 billion in direct payments to farmers.

Those 2020 checks covered former President Trump’s trade war with China. Trump’s “art of the deal” with China created higher tariffs, plummeted agricultural exports and commodity prices, and increased farm bankruptcies.

The author of the Telegraph letter compared the imbalanced farm payments to the Red States with the Biden administration’s willingness to help farmers of color who have traditionally been denied farm loans.

“Isn’t that picking the winners and the losers? Asked the writer. “Or was I educated by the wrong people to be able to see the hypocrisy.”

The answer is yes. “In that same Telegraph, the Focus section presented the hardships of early settlement in Nebraska. It included DeWitty’s first black settlement. Black settlers failed for many of the same reasons as white settlers, with an additional obstacle.

“It was not easy to get a loan as a black man in Nebraska at the turn of the 20th century,” Matthew Hansen wrote. It hasn’t changed either. For decades, black farmers have been excluded from federal farm programs – systemic discrimination recognized by the USDA in 1981.


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