Launch of a global nature financing platform in Geneva


A new hub has been launched in Geneva that will provide financial markets and policymakers with tools to help them better consider nature-related risks and mobilize investment in nature-friendly businesses and projects.

The venture, dubbed NatureFinance, was rolled out from the Finance for Biodiversity initiative, the group created in 2019 with a mission to integrate biodiversity considerations into financial decision-making.

NatureFinance clarified this morning how it intends to work to make nature a pillar of financial decision-making and establish itself as a “world center of excellence in nature finance”.

The group’s plans include a new Catalytic Investment Facility, which is set to launch in 2023 with seed funding from the Mava Foundation philanthropy and will aim to both invest directly and attract new investment.

He said the facility will play a “key role” in developing a pipeline of nature-friendly businesses and will be complemented by the launch of the Nature Investor Circle which aims to bring together early-stage investors interested in supporting nature-friendly businesses,

He also said he would continue Nature For Biodiversity’s collaboration with the Earthshot Prize Foundation.

Additionally, NatureFinance has confirmed that it will host a Sustainability Linked Sovereign Debt Hub, an initiative launched this year that has been supported by many development finance institutions and key investor groups.

NatureFinance Executive Director Simon Zadek said it was essential that the financial sector step up its efforts to protect nature and consider nature-related risks.

“Nature is the foundation of our $95 billion global economy, but it is facing unprecedented collapse, damaging efforts to meet climate goals. Aligning global finance with thriving and regenerating nature is a prerequisite for sustainable development,” he said.

“Addressing climate change and reversing the endangered state of nature requires resetting the nexus between nature and finance to shape the businesses and economies of tomorrow and the distribution of their economic benefits. »

NatureFinance also announced today the launch of the Biodiversity Index Partnership (BIP), a partnership between NatureFinance and Zurich-based non-profit SEED to advance market adoption of a world-class biodiversity index designed to better understand the true value of biodiversity.

He confirmed that he would continue the work of Finance for Biodiversity in the Nature Markets Working Group, with a focus on improving the governance of biodiversity credit markets and market transparency. staples at a time of rising food prices.

Zadek said Switzerland has the potential to lead the world in financing nature. “Resetting the link to financing nature is at the heart of building an inclusive and sustainable world,” he said. “We believe that Geneva and more broadly Switzerland offer a unique international ecosystem of financial, commercial, technological, political and civil actors to allow it to become a global center of excellence in the finance of nature.”


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