Kylie Jenner’s son’s teddy bear price will shock and anger you


Celebrity kids are used to living in luxury from birth, but Kylie Jenner takes it to a whole new level with her newborn son’s nursery toys. In a new video from the makeup mogul, viewers spotted some particularly expensive teddy bears.

Jenner Stocks Nursery with Expensive Teddy Bears

In a ten-minute YouTube video, titled “To Our Son,” Jenner showed off her son’s giraffe-themed baby shower and nursery. Some toys in the baby’s room caught the eye of some: a collection of stuffed bears, including one stamped with the Louis Vuitton logo.

The LV bear is a rare collectible and is no longer available. Originally released during the brand’s menswear show in fall 2004, the toy’s value skyrocketed. A TikTok user revealed the bear is going for $20,550 on Farfetch.

The other two plushies come with equally hefty price tags. The green, red and blue patterned bear is $635 from the luxury line SSENSE. A plaid brown bear from ModeSens is valued at $2,030. The three teddy bears are collectively worth $23,217.

Fans react to expensive toys: ‘Imagine what it could do for those living in Ukraine’

The comments section was quickly filled with more people expressing their shock at the price of the toys. “So now they’re too good at building a bear or something?” one person joked. Another commented: “I can pay off my student loans with these bears.”

Others criticized the couple for not investing the money in charity. “$20,000,” someone wrote. “I literally hate being that person, but imagine what it could do for Ukrainians or just poor people around the world.” Another snorted: ‘Maybe they should have used this to pay off the victims of the Astro world.’

In addition to the very expensive toys, the little boy already owns a whole collection of Nike sneakers, including a pair of his dad Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 6 TD Cactus Jack sneakers. It’s no surprise that he’s already decked out in style; Both Jenner and Scott are known for their fashion sense.

With tens of thousands of dollars worth of teddy bears and dozens of pairs of sneakers for a six-week-old child who can’t yet walk, many netizens wish they had a nursery like the baby’s, if only for the sell and pay. excluding tuition fees.

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