Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands


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Queen Elizabeth and her offspring may be known for their fancy dresses, bespoke suits, and opulent jewelry, but despite the grandeur, the wardrobes of the British Royal Family are quite eco-friendly. On the one hand, almost every member of the royal family is known to repeat outfits, which in itself is sustainable (reduce, reuse, to recycle). Prince Charles hates waste of all kinds and has even tried his own sustainable fashion line. As for Princess Diana, not only has she re-dressed some outfits, but the Princess of Wales has even had a few pieces remade in completely new designs (recycling!). For her wedding day, Princess Beatrice’s dress and tiara were on loan from the Queen’s closet, and she remade the shoes she wore to William and Kate’s wedding. The late Prince Philip is said to have worn the same pair of black shoes for more than 70 years. And in 2019, the Queen announced that she would no longer wear real fur.

But when it comes to fashion, no royal family is watched more closely than Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, both of whom have influence on style on a global scale. When you see one of them carrying something, it is almost certain that it will sell out immediately. It’s a responsibility the two duchesses take seriously, as they have each used their fashions to make statements about the types of brands they support. Here, find some of Kate and Meghan’s favorite sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

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Beulah London

This ethical London-based brand is behind some of Kate’s most popular looks, such as this dress it sported in September 2020. The brand is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking and labor exploitation. The Duchess of Cambridge has also been seen carrying other Beulah items, including their Yahvi dress and Ahana blush dress.


Stella mccartney


by Rothy

Meghan wore these shoes, Rothy’s Point, on several occasions, such as during her and Prince Harry’s trip to Melbourne in October 2018. The washable apartments are made with recycled materials in by Rothy sustainable workshop.



The Duchess of Sussex’s closet also has a fair share of


Daniella Draper

Members of the royal family are certainly no strangers to jewelry with special meanings. This is the case of Kate Midnight Moon Necklace Trio Diamonds– which has the first initial of each of the names of her children – by Daniella Draper. The Duchess of Cambridge favors the necklace and has worn it on several occasions, such as during this appearance in January 2020. From the metals they use to the suppliers they work with, sustainability is a central value at Daniella Draper.



Any royal observer will recognize these sneakers from Véja, which frequently adorn the feet of Meghan, Kate and even Princess Beatrice. The brand participates in fair business practices, transparent supply chains and uses ethically sourced and recycled materials.

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Maggie Marilyn

During a visit to Courtenay Creative in Wellington, Meghan Markle chose a blazer dress ethically made by a New Zealand designer Maggie Marilyn. The label practices sustainability in a number of ways, including using materials that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard and compostable packaging.



Theory is an American fashion brand beloved (even by the royal family) for its forward-thinking styles, ethical sourcing and sustainable manufacturing. Meghan wore this

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