Green steam versus heavy smog: London’s green jobs will double to 600,000 by 2030


The UK’s push for net zero will double the number of green jobs in London to 600,000 by 2030, according to a new study.

Findings from WPI Economics and the Institute for Employment Studies and commissioned by Central London Forward, Local London, South London Partnership and West London Alliance, also found that the capital’s green economy is already worth £ 42 billion and employs over 230,000 people. .

Green jobs, loosely defined as roles that help preserve the environment and climate, accounted for one in 20 jobs last year.

And with the city in search of a green recovery from the pandemic, it paints a rosy picture for the flagship UN climate conference, COP26 on Sunday.

“Over the next decade we will see hundreds of thousands of new green jobs created in the capital. If we are to seize this opportunity and if we are to ensure a successful transition to net zero, we will need to equip the workforce with the skills needed for the green jobs of the future, ”said the Chairman of Central London Forward and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Councilor Elizabeth Campbell.

“The London boroughs are ready to work with central government and business to make this happen. “

The report follows Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s fall budget, which outlined a £ 3 billion investment in skills and education to help Britons find better paying jobs.

The cash injection aims to fuel economic growth by increasing the supply of education after age 16 and creating opportunities for people wishing to enter high-value sectors such as AI, cybersecurity and nuclear. .

WPI Economics Director Matthew Oakley said the report highlights the “huge potential” of the green economy in the capital

“With the right support for employment and the supply of skills in place, London’s sub-regions and boroughs can use the transition to provide good jobs to many people who were previously excluded from the labor market. This can provide the basis for a just transition and the foundations for inclusive growth in the capital and beyond, ”he said.

The UK aviation industry has set its very first interim decarbonization targets today as the industry prepares to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Green jobs on the way

Houses and buildings: Including renovations, construction of new energy efficient homes, heat pumps, smart appliances and controls, heating networks and hydrogen boilers.

Low carbon transport: Including low and zero emission vehicles, aviation and shipping, rail, public transport, and walking or cycling.

Power: Including renewable energies such as wind, solar and hydropower, nuclear power, grid infrastructure, energy storage and smart systems technology.

Industrial decarbonization, capture and storage of hydrogen and carbon: Including the production and industrial use of hydrogen, carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) and industrial decarbonation.

Green finance: Finance with the goal of net zero and decarbonization, including green loans and bonds.

Research and development on climate change: Including the private sector, academic and public research.

Climate change strategy, policy, monitoring and planning: Including public, private and NGO sector strategy and policy, citizen awareness raising, environmental monitoring and the use of a planning system to achieve net zero.

Climate adaptation: Including flood defenses, modernization of buildings to be resilient to extreme weather or climate events, nature-based solutions to reduce climate impacts and civil and mechanical engineering for infrastructure adaptation.

Reduce localized pollution: Including air pollution, water pollution and noise; London has ambitious goals in all three areas.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Including waste management and the circular economy.

Green infrastructure: In a London context, this will focus on urban green infrastructure and include activities aimed at increasing biodiversity either directly or by offsetting.

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