Farmers die and TRS celebrates Rythu Bandhu: Ponnala


Former CPC chief cites broken TRS government promises as farm loan waiver

Former Telangana Congressional Committee Chairman Ponnala Lakshmaiah ridiculed the state government and the TRS for celebrating Rythu Bandhu’s agendas when farmers committed suicide in hordes without any government support.

Mr Lakshmaiah alleged that the TRS government has become callous, to put it mildly, to celebrate Rythu Bandhu while turning a blind eye to the growing deaths of farmers resorting to the extreme stage hit by the vagaries of nature. “The government that should save the farmers is nowhere to be found as it takes refuge under the aegis of Rythu Bandhu, claiming that the program is a panacea for all evils,” he said.

The former CPC chief cited several broken promises from the TRS government, such as the farm loan waiver and the price support guarantee. The survey promise of a farm loan waiver is being forgotten while the plight of sharecroppers is totally ignored as if they don’t exist, he argued.

“This government has never paid compensation for farm losses due to heavy rains or drought and there is no crop insurance to help farmers to fall back on. They are denied bank loans because the government has not released the agricultural loan payments and farmers have been forced to borrow from private lenders at high interest rates, ”he said.

Lakshmaiah said previous governments always reacted immediately when farmers were in crisis due to the vagaries of nature and received prolonged financial support. Real farmers were profiting from the loss of their crops. Now Rythu Bandhu is extended to wealthy farmers and those who do not practice agriculture at all.


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