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Paris, November 30, 2021


Biodiversity: from Eramet environmental commitments recognized by act4nature

Anature‘s multi-stakeholder steering committee Validated from Eramet political commitments in terms of biodiversity.

  • the Group’s commitments in terms of biodiversity have been recognized as being CLEVER by the act4nature steering committee, following a consultation process with its network of environmental NGOs, scientific organizations and companies involved

  • This membership process is part of the Group biodiversity policy as defined in its CSR roadmap (2018-2023)

As a socially responsible mining company, we are fully aware of the impact of our activities on biodiversity. Conservation biodiversity is more than a pledge, it is part of our strategy: we integrate this principle in all our projects, and we act according to a simple motto: avoid-reduce-rehabilitate-compensate.

Joining the act4nature initiative further strengthened our CSR approach and strengthened our mining model. The recognition of our commitments by NGOs and scientific experts is the result of significant work carried out at all of the Group’s sites over the past three years to achieve the thirteen objectives set out in our 2018-2023 CSR roadmap.

Christelle Bories, Eramet Group President and CEO

Act4nature international is a voluntary biodiversity alliance for French companies operating internationally, launched by a French association, Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE). At the end of 2021, 13 new partners had been recognized as SMART, bringing the number of companies involved in the initiative to 57.

By joining act4nature, Eramet subscribes to 10 common principles and thus undertakes to apply a set of SMART standards in its commercial operations.

This is the first time that a panel of environmental NGOs and scientific organizations has recognized the Group’s commitments in favor of biodiversity, a recognition that reinforces its CSR approach, while the Group is committed to become a reference for the manager transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources, for live well together, as reflected in its corporate purpose, included in its statutes this year.

Aware of the urgency of our planet, Eramet acts on a daily basis to ensure the sustainability of plant and animal species and their habitats.
As part of its CSR roadmap, the Group is committed to “protecting water resources and accelerating the rehabilitation of its mining sites by promoting biodiversity”. The Group’s Biodiversity Policy, drawn up in 2014, is one of the commitments contained in its Environmental Responsibility Policy (updated in 2020).


The ratio of rehabilitated areas to decontaminated areas in 2020


of the water circulating in our facilities is returned to the environment without being altered or to get in touch with our products

Eramet’s voluntary avoidance commitments consist in particular in banning the disposal of mine tailings at sea and in pleading for a regulatory ban on this method, in particular with regard to the regulation of electric vehicle batteries.

In order to limit the impact on biodiversity, a specific approach dealing with this issue has been fully integrated into the activities of each of the Group’s mining and industrial sites. Characterization studies are regularly carried out in order to collect as much information as possible on local biodiversity, as well as on uses and ecosystem services. These studies are entrusted to national and international specialists and experts, in particular specialized firms, public institutes, universities and NGOs. The risks and impacts of activities on biodiversity are studied and conservation actions are defined accordingly. As part of this process, all sites have a water management plan and a system for monitoring the progress of the rehabilitation of cleared land. In addition to any rehabilitation work, ecological restoration actions are also carried out.

Likewise, when launching a new mine site or an expansion project, careful preparatory work is carried out in order to put in place an appropriate mitigation strategy. The main steps in this strategy are generally as follows:

  • avoid negative impacts on biodiversity

  • reduce impact to shorten the duration, intensity and extent of any impact

  • rehabilitate sites, in particular by favoring the reintroduction of endemic species

  • offset any significant residual impact

Thus, at SLN in New Caledonia, in order to revegetate the Kouaoua mine, endemic species are reintroduced after having been cultivated in local nurseries.

Finally, actions in favor of biodiversity are carried out with employees and throughout society. In 2021, the Group created the Lékédi Biodiversité Foundation in Gabon to study, raise awareness and protect Gabonese biodiversity and support research projects.


February 23, 2022: Publication of the Group’s 2021 annual results

April 28, 2022: Publication of Group sales for the first quarter of 2022

Eramet transforms the Earth’s mineral resources to provide sustainable and responsible solutions to industry growth and the challenges of energy transition.

Its 13,000 employees are committed to it through their civic and contributory approach in all the countries where the mining and metallurgical group is present.

Manganese, nickel, mineral sands, lithium and cobalt: Eramet recovers and recovers the metals essential to building a more sustainable world.

As a privileged partner of its industrial customers, the Group contributes to building robust and resilient infrastructures and constructions, more efficient means of mobility, safer health tools and more efficient telecommunications systems.

Fully committed to the era of metals, Eramet’s ambition is to become a benchmark in the responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources for good living together.


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