Credova’s New “Pay in 4” Buy Now, Pay Later Option Enables Outdoor Adventure


Credova has integrated into its model the possibility of paying in four installments for purchases up to $600 interest-free and scheduled payment every two weeks. Like other BNPL providers, Credova also offers long-term installment plans capped at 36% APR through their agreement with Cornerstone Bank as well as retail installment contracts, all on one platform.

The company has developed this payment option as part of its regular evaluation of customer feedback and review. Pay in 4 was the next natural step in our evolution as a business and something we’ve been working on for the past year,” said Keagan PetersonCredova COO.

Peterson explained that buyer preference was moving away from “90-day interest-free” options, and a low-key set of interest-free payments caught consumers’ attention. “As our four-pay, no-interest product rolls out, we will be phasing out our 90-day interest-free product,” he said.

John BirkUS Optics partner, a Credova merchant, said, “When Credova first shared this product plan with us in August 2021, we knew it would be something that would meet our customers’ needs. Today , we are excited to offer the Pay in 4 option and give more people access to the products they want.”

Buyer preferences are driving the growth of BNPL and Credova. Recently, Credova announced an exclusive agreement with Cornerstone Bank. Traditional banks lend on BNPL provider platforms, providing banks with the opportunity to branch out and tap into consumer-preferred payment technologies. Traditional banks also enable the evolution of BNPL products. Through banking agreements such as Credova and Cornerstone, Credova can offer, state by state, a more attractive traditional consumer loan capped at 36% and interest-free products.

About Credova

Credova is a group of like-minded people who love the outdoors and the adventures it offers. We hold the special bond between friends and family created when experiencing the outdoors as one of life’s greatest joys, and we’ve made it a business to help Americans experience that joy. Outdoor adventures such as fishing, hiking, skiing, hunting, camping, and motorsports, to name a few, and lifestyles like farming, ranching, and farm require equipment. This equipment is often expensive, and Americans sometimes need help with timing payments for these joy factors. This is Credova’s mission.

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