Berlin Heals Holding AG Receives New Funding for Breakthrough Heart Implant


The capital increase came after the data obtained in a pilot study – already published – confirmed the unprecedented success of the application of the patented technology in dilated cardiomyopathy. To date, approximately 30 million francs has been invested in the development of the new implant and in the certification. Berlin Heals will use the newly received funds for CE certification and for the preliminary feasibility study in the UNITED STATES, which is already underway. The stated objective of the company is to obtain CE certification for its product in 2023 and to begin European marketing.

Marko BagaricCEO of Berlin Heals, comments:

“We have initiated this round of bridge funding to complete trials and prepare for market entry. Funds raised will be used for further research, CE certification and an Early Feasibility Study (EFS) in the United States. After all, heart failure is not only very widespread, but also one of the most common causes of death.We believe that our company’s breakthrough technology will have a very positive impact on the medical treatment of heart failure. It is expected to close the second part of the funding (Series A) round by the end of 2022 to grow the cast with it.”

Berlin Heals Holding AG is a Swiss public company founded in 2014 by renowned cardiologists and engineers. The company has developed a new device/implant – called “C-MIC” (Cardiac Microcurrent) – which, using a constant electric microcurrent and the resulting electric field by means of the so-called of electroosmosis, directly evacuates the edema of the cells as well as quickly and lastingly improves other conditions such as the normalization of the balance of collagen, the neutralization of the inflammatory parameters of the heart tissue in patients with heart failure; so far, more than 20 C-MIC devices have been implanted (in the pilot study as well as in the randomized CE certification) – each with dramatic results. The company therefore expects a high market potential.

For any other questions regarding the upcoming second round of Series A funding, please contact Marko Bagaric.

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