10 things you didn’t know about Hayes Barnard


Hayden D. Barnard, commonly known as Hayes Barnard, is the President/CEO/Co-Founder of Goodleap and GivePower. His passion for clean energy propelled his thoughts on starting solar-powered projects. He is also a family man with three children and they live in Austin, Texas. If his name still doesn’t sound familiar to you, these interesting facts about him will help you get to know him better.

1. He is the CEO of GoodLeap and GivePower

GivePower is Barnard’s initiative which he founded in 2014. His company relies on clean energy technologies to provide clean energy and water to the developing world. Its mission is to influence solar energy applications to improve the lives of users in seven sectors: health, water, food security, education, economic development, conservation and telecommunications. In doing so, he believes that an empowered community equals a better life.

2. He previously worked for SolarCity as Chief Revenue Officer

In 2013, he sold his company to SolarCity, after which he was hired as chief revenue officer by the same company. He had always wanted to make solar power accessible to everyone, so he created GivePower, another non-profit solar subsidiary, a few months later. Eventually, Tesla (founded by Elon Musk) merged with it in 2016, so it had no choice but to part ways with the association first. He continues to lead the organization to this day.

3. He went to the University of Missouri

Barnard was born to a single mother in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Growing up, he experienced the harmful effects of impure energy. Frequent power cuts and power surges were also among these concerns. It occurred to him that he would one day develop an idea that would add value and be sustainable. So, while pursuing studies in management and marketing, he came across various articles suggesting that solar power was the way to go. This is how he decided to create a company dealing with solar energy.

4. Before SolarCity, he was the CEO of Loanpal

According to CNBC, Loanpal is a financial technology platform providing loans and financing for clean energy products. In an interview with CNBC, Barnard claimed his company raised $800 million to increase the number of homeowners who can access financing. Another main objective the company focused on was to reduce default rates to make investors happy. Barnard took over as CEO of Loanpal, which later became GoodLeap in 2021.

5. He claimed his company was responsible for 50% of solar power

According to Business Insider, Barnard claimed his company would supply 50% of all solar-powered products in North Dakota. It targeted the Sioux Nation community center and a center for veterans. Additionally, he built a solar-powered system in Kenya for fresh drinking water. According to Wikipedia, Barnard built a solar-powered desalination plant to produce over 20,000 gallons of fresh drinking water in Kiunga, Kenya. The inauguration ceremony of the project took place in 2018, marking the beginning of opportunities for the developing country. GoodLeap is also responsible for the development of North Dakota’s first solar farm. The solar farm receives 300 kW of solar energy.

6. Barnard also owns an asset management fund company called GoodFinch

Barnard is also co-founder and CEO of GoodFinch, an asset management fund company. The company seeks to invest the funds raised from the clients, after which it invests the capital in different investments such as real estate, master limited partnerships, stocks and bonds. As expected, the company aims to provide its customers with high-performance assets at scale to help them achieve their goal.

7. He enjoys spending time with his family when he’s not at work.

Barnard is married with three children. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, reading books, going on nature trips and many other outdoor adventures. He believes his family is the backbone of his success in his career.

8. He is the author of the book “The Trek with GivePower”

At the end of 2008, Barnard and his management team made a retreat in Mali. Their intention was not to party in five-star hotels or clubs. Instead, they ventured out to give back to society, so they volunteered to build a school in the countryside. He admits that it was an enriching experience, considering the monotony of daily office work in the United States. He later published the activities he participated in with his team in a book called “The Trek with GivePower”.

9. He is a board member of the Positive Coaching Alliance

Barnard is also a board member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, a company whose primary goals are to change culture and behavior through youth-related sports. It mainly focuses on recruitment, training, content and resources. The organization has listed Barnard as one of its board members because he leads leading and influential businesses, allowing him to positively impact the overall outlook for youth sports. and high schools. This explains why it has reached thousands of businesses since its launch in 1998.

10. He was the former president of Paramount Equity Mortgage Inc.

Prior to Loanpal, Barnard ventured into Paramount Equity. He founded it in 2003 but later renamed it Loanpal. Come June 2021; he renamed Loanpal to GoodLeap. In 2020, the company was the sole provider of approximately 41% of the US solar finance market. It is also one of the country’s leading solar financiers. Currently, GoodLeap is based in Roseville, CA. It offers residential solar battery storage loans, conventional loans, home purchase refinances and loans, VA loans, and FHS-insured loans. It has approximately 900 employees. The company’s current president and chief investment officer is Tanguy Serra, formerly of SolarCity. When it comes to the “Best Places to Work” award, the Sacramento Business Journal ranked GoodLeap #1.


From this list of ten things you didn’t know about Hayes Barnard, it’s clear that his eco-conscious business idea is working to his advantage. More and more homeowners and businesses have embraced solar energy and are not afraid to take out loans to access it. When we clap for people who have had a positive impact on people’s lives, we clap twice for Hayes Barnard.


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